The Bexley Top 16 of '16 Countdown is Happening Now!

We've compiled a list of the top 16 happenings in Bexley (from the City of Bexley's perspective, mind you!).  Click to visit our year-in-review Facebook rollout at the Mayor of Bexley Facebook page.  


Bexley's Hands Free Ordinance Now In Effect

Hands-on use of mobile devices restricted

At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, council voted to approve Ordinance 27-16, prohibitting the hands-on use of mobile communication devices while driving.  Under the new law, drivers must either use hands-free devices to make and receive calls (such as bluetooth in-car and after-market calling systems), or pull out of the flow of traffic to make or receive calls.  The law is very similar to laws in place in 14 states and many cities in the Cleveland region.  Signage will be installed at all entry-points to the City, and a public information campaign and a warning period will preceed enforcement.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Would You Like to Join the Bexley Green Team?

Now accepting interested applicants to help facilitate Bexley's Zero Waste Plan

The City of Bexley recently was awarded a grant from the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio to work with a consultant to create a "zero waste plan".  A zero waste plan is a long-term plan to divert waste from the landfill, and it will require a long-term series of new initiatives in order to realize that goal.  We're looking for residents who have a passion for reducing waste and waste diversion to help us steer our zero waste plan!  If you're interested, please provide a resume or brief background via email to Mayor Kessler's assistant, Debbie Maynard at  


Bexley Urgent Care Now Open at Bexley Square!

Welcome Bexley's Newest Business - Open 7 Days a Week

Bexley Urgent Care is now open in the Bexley Square Shopping Center.  This privately owned urgent care is part of the Arlington Urgent Care family, which has been providing high quality medical care in the Columbus community since 2011.  Bexley Urgent Care is owned by Dr. Michael Rankin, M. D. who has been practicing emergency medicine for over 22 years.  He is a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine and is a 1977 graduate of St. Charles Preparatory High School.

The center features four exam rooms, as well as a radiology suite and trauma, procedure and eye/audio rooms.  “Our focus on providing convenient, affordable care means that Bexley residents can rest assured that they have somewhere to turn for urgent-but not life threatening-situations.” said Molly Fulton, Practice Manager for parent company Arlington Urgent Care, Inc. Bexley Urgent Care is open 7 days a week and provides patients with walk-in, extended-hour medical attention from licensed providers, for a large scope of medical conditions. They are an accredited center through the Urgent Care Association of America and have met established standards and criteria for quality of patient care, safety, and scope of patient services.

For hours and more information, visit  


Public Notice

Public Notice, Division of the State Fire Marshal, Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations

Pursuant to the rules governing the remediation of releases of petroleum from underground storage tank (UST) system(s), notice to the public is required whenever there is a confirmed release of petroleum from an UST system(s) that requires a remedial action plan.  Notice is hereby given that a confirmed release of petroleum has occurred from the UST system(s) located at:


A proposed remedial action plan (RAP) dated June 21, 2016, was submitted by the owner and/or operator of the UST system(s) for the renew and approval of the State Fire Marshal (SFM).  Once the SFM has reviewed and approved the proposed RAP, the owner and/or operator of the UST system(s) will be required to implement the proposed RAP.

A copy of the proposed RAP, as well as other documentation relating to this release and the UST system(s) involved, is maintained by the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR), and are available for inspection and copying by the public.  Please make all requests for copies of the proposed RAP or for inspection of the RAP and other related documentation in writing to BUSTR, P.O. Box 687, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068.

An order form and publications that may help you to understand the requirements for compliance with BUSTR's rules and regulations may be found on the Internet at

The SFM will accept written comments on this RAP for a period of 21 days from the date of publication of this notice.  You may submit any comments regarding this site and the RAP, in writing, at the above address.  For further information, please contact David Israel at (614) 752-7225.  Please reference release #25002648-N00001 when making all inquires or comments.