Bids and RFQs

This page contains active bid and RFQ solicitations for City projects.  Bid timelines and contact information will be posted with the bid entry below.


Diversity and Inclusion consulting RFP

The City's Diversity and Inclusion initiative is seeking a consultant to assist with forming a mission, vision, and strategic plan for the group.  The RFP can be accessed by clicking here.  Proposals are due by February 15, 2019.


Havenwood Park Landscape Plan RFP


Bexley’s Havenwood Park is a quiet park that is bookmarked by South Cassingham Road and Euclaire Avenue. The park has very little infrastructure, and is currently used as passive parkland, with a variety of mature trees. 


The City of Bexley would like to work through a public process to provide a new landscape plan for Havenwood Park that honors the park’s heritage, preserves the passive nature of the park, highlight’s its stature as a component of the Bexley Arboretum, and encourages a high quality landscape environment. 

To view the RFP, please click here.  Responses are due by February 15, 2019.