Finance Department Info

Bill Harvey, City Auditor

Finance Director:
Beecher Hale

Assistant Finance Director:
Jessica Withem

Contact & Location:
2242 East Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209

Phone: (614) 559-4260 
Fax: (614) 559-4201

Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

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Finance Department

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Income Tax Collection

The City of Bexley is a member of the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA). Follow the links below to access General Tax Iinformation, and Tax Forms for the City:

General Tax Information
Tax Forms

Lodging Tax Collection

The City of Bexley under City Code Section 882 imposes a Hotel/Motel/Bed & Breakfast Tax on all applicable lodging transactions whether the lodging provider is a zoning compliant or non-compliant hotel, motel, bed & breakfast lodging provider. Follow the links below to access Tax Forms and the enacting ordinances:

Quarterly Tax Forms:

Excel Form (email completed form to

PDF Form for paper filing (mail completed form to Beecher Hale, Bexley City Hall)

Applicable Ordinances:

Ordinance 32-13 - Hotel/Motel Bed & Breakfast Tax Enacting Ordinance

Ordinance 32-13 - Hotel/Motel Bed & Breakfast Tax Amending Ordinance 

About the Finance Department

The City Auditor is an elected official who serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer of the City of Bexley.

As Chief Fiscal Officer, the City Auditor is responsible for maintaining a fiscally sound government that conforms to generally accepted accounting,legal and management principles. The Auditor, along with the Finance Director who oversees daily operations of the office, performs all the duties of a Treasurer, Controller, Cash Manager, Budget Director and Internal Auditor.

In the performance of these duties, the Auditor prepares a General Purpose Financial Reports; is responsible for the collection, investment and disbursement of all revenue; monitors compliance with internal control procedures; oversees accounts payable activities, processing of payroll, and income tax administration; monitors and evaluates the condition of departmental budgets; reviews expenditures to ensure compliance with approved budgets, and maintains fixed asset records.

Please note, we do not handle school finance and do not administrate the School District Income Tax. This tax is administered by the State of Ohio. For more information about this tax, please contact the Ohio Department of Taxation at 800-282-1780 or visit the Ohio Department of Taxation web site