Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Mission of the City of Bexley is to provide outstanding city services, support, planning, and communication to the residents, businesses, and organizations of Bexley in order to: 

  • Ensure safe homes and safe neighborhoods
  • Provide reliable and well‐maintained infrastructure and city utilities
  • Offer engaging, meaningful, and relevant recreational opportunities
  • Cultivate an environment conducive to the success of businesses and educational institutions, and
  • Protect, preserve, and enhance Bexley’s natural and developed environment. 


Vision Statement

Our vision is a Bexley that is a top‐tier community of extremely high quality and excellence that:

  • Is centered on families of all kinds
  • Is known for its excellent educational institutions, opportunities for learning, and recreational facilities
  • Has safe homes and safe streets 
  • Has an outstanding outdoor, walkable and bikeable environment
  • Encourages a high standard of architecture, streetscape, greenspace, and overall built environment
  • Is a source of pride in terms of heritage, history, and contemporary relevance
  • Is adaptable for the future, while maintaining classic strengths
  • Has financial self‐determination and sustainability
  • Is collaborative and interdependent with surrounding communities
  • Has a welcoming business climate that supports vibrant and successful business corridors including Main Street, North Cassady Avenue, and Livingston Avenue.



Adopted by Bexley City Council in October of 2012.