Service Department Info


Assistant Service Director:
Andy Bashore 

Service Department Assistant:
Anne Farley

Contact & Location:
2242 East Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209

Phone: (614) 559-4220
Fax:     (614) 559-4201 

Service Department News


 The Service Department maintains all of the city's public infrastructure which includes:

  • Sanitary sewer
  • Storm sewer
  • Water distribution system
  • Streets/alleys
  • Regulatory/wayfinding signage
  • Street lights
  • Traffic/pedestrian signals
  • Sanitation
  • Street trees
  • Boulevards, medians and park space

Along with maintaining the City's infrastructure, the Service Department values the natural assets of our community.  In turn, it is our goal to provide excellent services in a timely manner to all of the residents, businesses and employees within the city.

American Electric Power (AEP) Smart Meters

Over the next several weeks AEP will be installing smart meters throughout various parts of Bexley. A smart meter is an electric meter equipped with two-way communication technology that provides near real-time meter readings and the secure transfer of customers’ usage information to AEP Ohio for billing and operational purposes. The technology improves billing accuracy and eliminates the need for a meter reader to enter onto a customer’s property. Additional information regarding smart meters can be found by clicking on the link below. If you have any questions regarding this meeting please contact the City's Public Service Department at 614.559.4220.

Smart Meters

AEP Smart Meter Webpage

South Roosevelt Reconstruction

The reconstruction of South Roosevelt Avenue from Main Street to Broad Street is scheduled to begin the week of March 19th and will last approximately 5 months. The project will begin at Broad and Roosevelt moving south, doing one block at a time. During this time, there will be parking restrictions posted on the street during working hours (7:00am to 6:00pm) on weekdays.  We will maintain access to residences to the extent feasible but there will be occasions when travel through S. Roosevelt Avenue or Powell Avenue or Dale Avenue will not be accessible, particularly during water main installation and paving. This is usually limited to the area where the crews are working and access may be available by going around the block from the opposite direction. This project is made possible thanks to a combination grant and zero-interest loan from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

Report A Pothole

Potholes are a common problem during the winter months in Ohio.  City crews strive to catalog and repair severe potholes in a timely and proper manor (often within 24 hours from when they were reported), however on rare occasions a few may go unnoticed.  If you are aware of a pothole please report it to the City's Public Service Department at 614.559.4220.

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Program

Polluted storm water runoff is often transported to municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) and ultimately discharged into local rivers and streams without treatment.  The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Stormwater Phase II Rule establishes an MS4 stormwater management program that is intended to improve the Nation’s waterways by reducing the quantity of pollutants that stormwater picks up and carries into storm sewer systems during storm events.  Common pollutants include oil and grease from roadways, pesticides from lawns, sediment from construction sites, and carelessly discarded trash, such as cigarette butts, paper wrappers, and plastic bottles.  When deposited into nearby waterways through MS4 discharges, these pollutants can impair the waterways, thereby discouraging recreational use of the resource, contaminating drinking water supplies, and interfering with the habitat for fish, other aquatic organisms, and wildlife.

Phase II of this program requires operators MS4s such as the City of Bexley to implement a stormwater management program as a means to control polluted discharges from their MS4s.  At a minimum this plan must reduce the discharge of pollutants to the “maximum extent practicable” (MEP), Protect water quality, and ‘ satisfy the appropriate water quality requirements of the Clean Water Act.

One component of this program is Public Education and Outreach.  In turn the City has partnered with the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District (FSWCD) on a Water Quality Pledge.  As employees, managers and owners of a business in Bexley, we ask that you take the Water Quality Pledge to work to keep the streams that flow through our community healthy. As a Water Quality Partner, your business will educate your employees about stormwater issues and pledge to reach the goal of preventing stormwater pollution. As a Water Quality Partner, you will receive a Water Quality Partner window cling in recognition of our partnership with the City of Bexley and Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District. You will also be recognized on the Franklin Soil and Water web site. Water Quality Partners will have opportunities to learn more about stormwater pollution prevention and to request information assistance for stormwater questions.

Water Quality Pledge Flyer

Water Quality Partnership Pledge

2017 Street Tree Planting Program

The City's selected contractor will be install one hundred (100) trees throughout the City over the next several weeks.  In order for these trees to survive it is critical that they receive proper care over the next two years.  The City's Urban Forestry Department will be placing door tags at each property that receives a new tree outing these basic care needs which we ask each property owner to follow.

Tree Planting Door Tag

2017 Leaf Vacuum Program

City crews will begin collecting leaves the week of October 23rd, working their way west to east throughout the city. The city will have one leaf removal crew in each section (north, central and south) of the city and progress updates will be posted daily on the front page of the city’s website. This year's program will conclude in early to mid December, followed by a complete sweep of all alleys. Below are a few simple guidelines to follow to ensure leaves are picked up in a timely and efficient manner:

  • Rake leaves to the back of the curb but not in the street. If possible, please avoid placing leaf piles near mailboxes, trees, lights or signs.
  • Leaves will be collected on a daily basis as the city will deploy one crew in north, central and south Bexley.
  • Please keep leaves out of storm water sewers and stream banks. Leaves cause bacteria that depletes oxygen and can kill fish and other stream organisms.
  • Leaves can also be collected during scheduled yard waste collection dates if they are placed in paper yard waste bags or in a container marked “yard waste”.

Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Stanwood Road and South Roosevelt Avenue Improvement Project Public Meeting

The City of Bexley will hold a public meeting at City Hall on September 8th, 2016 at 5:00 PM to discuss a proposed Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) grant/loan application for improvements to Stanwood Road (Fair Avenue to Broad Street) and South Roosevelt Avenue (Main Street to Livingston Avenue).  We are requesting your participation at this meeting to better understand issues which may exist within these areas.  If you are unable to attend this meeting but would like to provide feedback please do so by emailing

Stanwood Road and South Roosevelt Avenue OPWC Grant Application Project Scope

Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Ashbourne Road, Ashbourne Place and Roosevelt Avenue (Broad to Main Street) Application

The City of Bexley has been awarded funding for roadway and waterline improvements to Ashbourne Road, Ashbourne Place and Roosevelt Avenue (Broad to Main Street) from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) grant/loan application for roadway and waterline improvements to Ashbourne Road, Ashbourne Place and Roosevelt Avenue (Broad to Main Street). Design work relating to this project will begin in 2016 while construction will commence in 2017.

Bexley GreeSpot Backyard Conservation Workshop

The City of Bexley in partnership with the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District will be hosting a GreenSpot Backyard Conservation Worshop at City Hall on June 16th, 2016 at 6:00 AM.  This workshop is designed to promote stormwater education with a focus on rainwater harvesting and infiltration.  All participants will qualify for a $50.00 rebate on select rain barrels, composters or native plants (must provide proof of attendance at workshop to receive rebate) and must preregister either online at or by completing in the following form.

 An Overview of Bexley's 2015/16 Service Projects

We will soon begin implementing our list of 2016 projects throughout the City, while future projects (such as Broad Street reconstruction) are currently underway.  These projects are critical to maintaining the long-term stability and functionality of the City’s infrastructure.  Unfortunately, as is often the case, these projects can have a short-term effect on traffic, and in some cases the services provided to your home/business.  Although we do our best to address these issues in the planning stages, unforseen issues often arise once construction begins. We will do our best to minimize any effects that construction may have on daily business.  Here is a brief rundown of 2016's projects.

2016 Asphalt and Concrete Bids Awarded

Bids relating to the City’s 2016 Construction Materials (Concrete and Asphalt) were opened on April 8th.  In total the city received one (1) bid from Anderson Concrete at $112.00 per cubic yard and three (3) bids for asphalt of which Decker Construction has been determined to be the lowest and best bid at $65.00 per ton.

Columbia Gas of Ohio Pipeline Improvement Project Update

Columbia Gas of Ohio will continue pipeline improvements on Parkview, Columbia, Drexel, Stanbery and Maryland Avenues as well as Ashbourne Place/Road in the winter/spring of 2017. There are preliminary construction procedures that may include locating and recording the sewer line from inside your home to the outside. Columbia Gas representatives, in conjunction with their contractor RLA Utilities/Northern Pipeline will come to customer's homes to perform this work, and will leave a door tag with contact information if customers are unavailable. All Columbia contractors carry an ID and will be happy to show it.


As the project is completed in your neighborhood, the following steps may occur:

  • Right of way and existing utilities will be marked with flags, stakes and temporary paint.
  • Main line will be replaced. This pipe usually runs underneath your street or alley.
  • Service line will be replaced. This pipe runs from the main line to the meter that serves your home or business.
  • Indoor gas meters will be relocated to the outside of the home or business.
  • Property will be restored to the same or better condition, including sidewalks, lawns and driveways. It may be several days or even weeks between some of these steps.

Ashbourne Road Project Resumes February 2018

Columbia Gas of Ohio Drexel and Stanbery Avenue Pipeline Replacement Project (2017)

Columbia Gas of Ohio Roosevelt and Parkview and Columbia Avenue Pipeline Replacement Project (2016)

GPS Surveying Program


Alley Repair Work and Alley Approach Replacement

As we often do throughout the summer, we will repair some alleys in the City.  In addition, several alley approaches are in need of repair and will be repaired as time permits.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience as we work to repair and maintain our City's aging infrastructure.